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Am I an alien?

hey fellow alien people.

I just joined this community and had no idea there were other people out there who feel the way I do about earth. I always feel this tramendous need to escape this planet...back to my 'home planet'. I seriously feel that I am not from this planet at all. I have always felt this really strong connection with Lemuria, an ancient cicilization that existed some 400,000 years ago..and was beleived to be inhabited by aliens from a fifth dimentional planet. I've always felt like a really old soul and that perhaps I am a decendant of the mu people. I think this is why I have such a fascination with the understanding of the universe..because these people were supposed to be extemely highly evolved and had a way of thinking far beyond our comprehention. I've never really felt a sense of 'fitting in' here...and I was once told by a psycic that I am an extremely old soul who wasn't meant to re-incarnate into this lifetime but I am on a mission of some description. Maybe to seek out people from back home? :P

Also, I really identified with the movie 'the fith element'. kick ass movie.
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