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Greetings all!

I do not believe I am an alien from another planet or astral plane of existance.
I DO however believe in aliens and other sentient lifeforms in the universe, and my greatest dream in life is to one day leave this dead-end, middle-of-nowhere, backwater mudball of a planet...and explore the stars, meet an alien woman, and be with her the rest of my life's days.
I feel a surge of creativity!

My Love Beyond the Speed of Light
by A.J.S. starbreaker51@yahoo.com

It's a simple dream, yeah, but I'm free to dream it
The girl of my dreams isn't even from this planet
Where she'll be from, when she'll come for me
Waiting beneath an ocean of stars
Looking up into the cosmic sea

I've cried so many tears of loneliness
Underneath the empty skies
One day I will leave this place forever
I know I'll leave this place forever
And when that day comes I'll never look back

Where can you be
For all time there is only you
My Love Beyond the Speed of Light
Here I wait for you beneath the silver moon
Staring up into the endless night
My Love Beyond the Speed of Light
My Love Beyond the Speed of Light
Come for me one day soon
Been waiting for you so long now
My Love Beyond the Speed of Light

Oh yeah...I'm also a musician/songwriter/poet/ect. ^_^
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